Empowering organizations to take control of their healthcare costs

Achieve Health operates independent, employer-dedicated clinics to provide convenient, personal, and consistent care for employees and their families while saving money for both employees and employers.


Address the Healthcare Hurdles You Face

According to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, “primary care is the only health care component where an increased supply is associated with better population health and more equitable outcomes.”


Access to Care

Over 100 million Americans—nearly one-third of the nation—do not have access to a usual source of primary care due to a shortage of providers in their local community. (NACHC)

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Access to Care

An employer-dedicated clinic provides convenient and affordable access to care for employees and their families.


Rx Adherence

Some 50% of Americans don't take their medications as directed by their doctor. This non-adherence leads to preventable hospitalizations and preventable deaths, and costs 16% or $500 billion of the entire U.S. healthcare spend each year.

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Rx Adherence

Through our prescription drug dispensing program, our patients experience comprehensive disease management and improved drug adherence.


Labs Savings

When looking closely at the 13+ billion lab tests performed annually across the U.S., 30% of lab tests are unnecessary, 30% of patients don’t receive the tests they need.

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Labs Savings

Our patient-centric staff ensures patients receive the personal attention and consistent care they deserve. Our lab costs are true pass-through pricing and garner significant savings compared to labs billed through insurance.

How Our Model Works

We work with you to develop a direct primary care clinic that is designed to meet your needs. Whether you are interested in starting from the ground up or staffing an existing space, Achieve Health takes care of all the operational aspects of the clinic. With the flexibility of being an independent provider, location, staffing, hours, and services can all be customized to best serve your company culture and the healthcare needs of your employees and their families. Our affordable at-cost pricing provides direct savings, while the clinic's proactive approach to health, encouraging preventive care and early intervention, garners long-term savings. Through optimized service selection, strategic partnerships, and continual evaluation, your clinic model can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce while effectively managing healthcare costs for the employer.

Find out how you can eliminate obstacles to great healthcare with our employer-dedicated clinic model.


We take on the burden of planning and coordinating the buildout of your clinic.

Office Visit/Urgent Care

Convenient access to primary care appointments.


Thousands of tests available with no mark-up in pricing.


Through our drug dispensing program, patients experience drug adherence and disease management, which results in employer savings.


Aggregate reports designed to assist in program development to manage population health.

Strategic Planning

We will partner with you to achieve cost optimization through eliminating unnecessary referrals and steer patients to high-quality, cost-effective options.


We follow a simple billing structure with a capped monthly operational fee. Nothing is hidden or marked up with true pass-through costs.

An Unparalleled Experience for Employers and Employees

Employee Experience

Removes cost barriers (no deductibles)

Ease of access

Improved provider/patient communication

More time with provider

Reduced wait time

Employer Experience

Flat Fee

Labs, Rx, and supplies at-cost


Employee retention and recruitment

Steerage to cost-effective/strategic healthcare partners

Avoidance/reduction of future high claims


Both Employees and Employers Experience

Independent provider

Elimination of unnecessary referrals

Reduced Absenteeism

Disease Management

What Our Patients Are Saying

To have a wellness clinic for employees and covered spouses is, in my opinion, one of the best benefits I have ever experienced. A testament to the senior leadership team on the commitment to their employees’ well-being.

THE best experience I've ever had regarding healthcare! THE best benefit I've ever received in my working life.

The employee clinic is truly a blessing to all associates. Time and cost savings of using the clinic are certainly important but, in addition, there is a great team of people running the clinic that really care about the health of everyone who walks through their doors.

Achieve has saved me thousands of dollars over the last two years, and that’s for minor things! EXTREMELY PLEASED with their service.

Achieve Health has allowed me to take control of my health without financial burdens. This makes me a healthier employee, and I recognize how valuable that is for my employer.

I love having the clinic! It is very convenient; everyone is always very professional and kind. It makes me want to go in and do routine check-ups vs. the larger medical facilities because it is quick and easy to get an appointment, and I am not waiting around all the time.

The staff is always informational and looking for ways to help and improve. You really get a sense of small-town/family doctor care. I think that it is very important to have that level of comfort when it comes to medical. You don't feel like you are just another door swing for a big corporation.

Clinic Services

Here are a few of the primary care services we offer:

 Preventative Exams

 Youth Sports Physicals

 Well-Child Visits

 Acute/Sick Visits

 Treatment of Minor Injuries

 Minor Procedures

 Bloodwork/Lab Testing


 Prescribing and On-Site Med Dispensing

 Occupational Health Services

 Drug Screening

 Customizable Services to Fit Your Needs