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Strategic Planning


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Qualitative Data & Reports

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Lower healthcare claims through lifestyle changes

With rising healthcare costs, businesses cannot afford to be passive about the health and wellness of their greatest asset — their employees! Research has shown between 75–90% of all healthcare claims are lifestyle-related and thus capable of being avoided or minimized through a better individual health status. With the right strategic wellness plan, resources, and motivation, it’s possible to get healthcare costs under control.


Health Screenings

Employee health screenings are a great way for employees to establish insight into their current health and health risks. Providing annual screenings allows employees and employers to measure progress and population health over time.

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Health Risk Assessment

Participants complete a detailed questionnaire about their lifestyle, demographics, and medical history. The questionnaire is accessible on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Biometric Screening

Convenient biometric screenings performed onsite for all departments, shifts, and locations.

We can measure height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, blood pressure, pulse, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, and more!


Measurable Results

Turn your data into meaningful information. Your health screenings establish the groundwork for your wellness program. Get exactly the data you need to establish specific programs and activities tailored to your workforce.

  Individual Health Summary Reports

  Population aggregate reports

  Comparison and trend reports

  Wellness program evaluation

  Participant surveys


Customized Wellness Programming

Our team of wellness experts will work with you to design a wellness program tailored to your organization.


Health Coaching provides the right education, tools, motivation, and support to help participants adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

Health Coaching Sessions are personalized to a participant’s individual wellness journey. One-on-one meetings with a health coach allow participants to develop a strategic plan specific to their lifestyle and needs, providing the support and accountability to achieve their goals. Some areas of focus might be life coaching, mental health, dietary, fitness, or stress management.

Behavior Change Programs are based on an analysis of clients’ population health. These programs are designed to support participants with certain disease processes who are ready to make a change. Some topics include weight management, diabetes, blood pressure, and fitness.

Wellness Challenges

Integrated with the wellness portal, individual or team challenges encourage engagement and provide motivation in a fun and rewarding way. With a catalog of turn-key challenges and the ability to build custom challenges, you can cover a wide range of topics, including physical activity, nutrition, sleep, emotional wellness, lifestyle, and social well-being. Participants can view a leaderboard of standings and post messages to interact with and encourage others. Competing against themselves or others, small steps can lead to big change.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops promote healthy lifestyle choices by increasing awareness and supporting lifestyle changes. Wellness professionals provide informative and interactive presentations that educate participants on a variety of topics ranging from balanced living, healthy eating and nutrition, physical activity and fitness, stress reduction, mental and financial health, and much more! Tailor your topics to share information that is relevant to your population. Workshops can be provided live, via video conference, or digitally.

Activity Tracking

Encourage participants to regularly practice activities, choices, and lifestyles that can improve their overall well-being by including activity tracking in your program. From step trackers and physical activity, tracking personalized goals, or earning wellness points for completing preventative screenings and immunizations, we can help participants easily track and develop healthy habits to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

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Wellness Portal

Engage participants with a secure, configurable wellness portal specific to your program. The portal provides easy access to participants’ Health Screening results and the wellness tools and content to help participants embrace healthier habits. Engage participants everywhere via the web or mobile app.

  • Easy appointment and event scheduling
  • Access to screening results and health information
  • Deploy wellness challenges and digital workshops
  • Track steps, activity, health data, sleep, and nutrition
  • Manage program participation
  • Integrate with wellness devices
  • Resource library


Incentive Design


Incentives are a great way to obtain and sustain program participation. We work with you to help design, implement, and manage an incentive strategy to drive participation while keeping compliant with laws that protect employee privacy and prevent discrimination.

A focus on participation-based incentives ensures an inclusive program that encourages and rewards participants’ efforts toward lasting change.

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Just Some of the Benefits of Workplace Wellness

 Improve Health

 Increase Engagement

 Higher Productivity

 Positive Workplace Culture

 Reduce Turnover

 Lower stress levels

 Reduce healthcare costs

 Attract new talent

 Make a difference